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3 Gorgeous Lazy Day Hairstyles

By Corinne Shoemaker July 12, 2021 0 comments

We all have days when it’s a struggle just to get out of bed. That’s why we’ve laid out a few easy and super cute hairstyles that you can pull together during your laziest mornings. Try them out and let us know what you think in the comments!

  1. The Long Ponytail (No Extensions)

Ponytails are great for busy days because they’re cute and easy to alter. We’re going to show you how to put a fun spin on your ponytail (because why settle for a normal-sized ponytail when you can have one that is long and voluminous?)

Here’s how it works: Just pull your hair back at the crown of your head into a high ponytail. Then, gather a section of hair from the nape of your neck and pull it into the other section of hair that you’ve gathered. Tie it with a large rubber band. Take about an inch’s worth of hair from your ponytail and wrap it around your rubber band twice. Combine this with the rest of your ponytail and secure it with a clear elastic. Finish it off by pinning the underside of your ponytail to the back of your head.

Watch this video to see the finished look:

  1. Easy Beach Waves

Beach waves are pretty much the go-to hairstyle for lazy girls. What’s the easiest way to go about making them?

Start with hair that is slightly damp. Apply a small amount of curl defining spray or cream (we love Pureology's Curl Complete Uplifting Curl). Take small sections of your hair -- about an inch thick each -- and twist them away from your face, going over each section with a blow dryer before moving on to the next one. Follow this up with hair spray, then shake out the twists. That’s it!

  1. Heatless Curls

If you know tomorrow will be busy and you want to do as little as possible when you get out of bed, plan ahead by creating overnight heatless curls. It’s an easy style and better for your hair than if you were to use heat. All you really need is a headband and some hairspray…

Start by brushing out your tangles and aligning your part (if you don’t have hair that waves or curls easily, it helps to use this method while your hair is a little bit damp). Place your headband on your head, centering it on your forehead. Next, take a piece of hair and wrap it once around the band. Combine what is left with another section of hair, pulling it through once again. Do this on both sides until you reach the end and all of your hair is wrapped around the band.

If your hair is so long that not all of it will fit on the band, take the remaining strands and twist them, then pin them to the back of your head. Tuck in any flyaways and push up the front of your headband to prevent a crease from forming on your forehead, then go to sleep!

When you wake up, gently remove your headbands and any pins. Run your fingers through your hair to help detangle it. Try adding a curl activator like DevaCurl's Mist-er Right for a little extra definition. Finish it off with hairspray like DevaCurl's Flexible-Hold Hair Spray for a look that will last all day!

Check out this video to see the results:

We hope you found this article helpful. If you know a friend who might benefit from our tips, please do them a favor and share it!


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