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Easy Fixes for Hair Damaged by the Summer

By Corinne Shoemaker September 25, 2015 0 comments

We all start the summer off with the best of intentions, but it’s easy to skimp on protecting your hair during last-minute beach days (or if you’re just feeling lazy). If your hair has suffered from the neglect, don’t worry -- we’ve got you covered! Read on to learn ways that you can help restore your strands to their former glory.


The struggle is real: keeping your hair frizz-free during summer is hard. We’re constantly faced with drying, damaging elements from increased sun exposure to chlorine. Never fear -- with the right products, your hair will recover! Start using a keratin-powered conditioner like AG Hair Cosmetics’ Restore Daily Strengthening Conditioner which restores hair structure from the inside out. For extra strength, try Pureology's Strength Cure Restorative Masque.

Dead Hair

If your ‘do is falling a little flat, pay attention to how much product you’re putting in your strands. The thicker your hair, the more it can handle -- but you need to be careful if you have very fine hair. This is especially true when it comes to mousse or, believe it or not, your volumizer. If you think your hair needs a little more oomph, try a clarifying shampoo like Sudzz FX’s Nyrvana Purifying Shampoo (it’s color safe). Follow this up with a lightweight conditioner and try using a little less product.

Split Ends

Anything that kills the moisture in your hair will lead to split ends -- including sun exposure. In fact, if you aren’t careful to protect your strands during the summer months (especially if you were busy with your hot tools) you are probably dealing with some pretty bad damage. As far as split ends go, you’ll want to schedule an appointment with your salon A.S.A.P. If, however, you’re lacking in time, help keep further splitting at bay with a conditioner that is heavy in protein like Sudzz FX's Moxee Reconstructing Conditioner. It’s also a good idea to use a serum which will help smooth down any flyaways. We like Pureology's Smooth Perfection Smoothing Serum (it’s infused with self-adjusting smart silicones to give hair a sleek, shiny look and feel).

Dry Scalp

Another problem that can come with excessive sun exposure is a dry and flaky scalp. Try a hydrating exfoliating shampoo like Sudzz FX’s Cashmere Hydrating Shampoo. It’s infused with a variety of organic botanicals to naturally exfoliate, soothe, and balance your scalp and skin. Pair this with a Pureology's Hydrate Hydra Whip to further help hydrate and heal your scalp.

Dry Curls

We all love jumping in the pool every now and again (maybe, when it comes to the summer, a little too much…) If your curls are dried out from exposure to chlorine, help them recover by using a deep conditioning mask. We recommend Kenra's Professional Nourishing Masque. It penetrates each strand’s cortex and lipid layer to treat damaged and frizzy hair, leaving you with hair that is noticeably smoother after just one use.

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