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How to Keep Your Hair Detangled

By Corinne Shoemaker October 05, 2015 0 comments

There’s nothing more annoying than badly tangled tresses. If the tangles in your hair are becoming worse than the ones in your headphones, it might be time to start adjusting your routine. Let’s take a look at some things you could be doing to keep your locks under control…


  1. Use the right products.

When it comes to your shampoo and conditioner, it’s important to check the labels for harmful ingredients (like sulfates or parabens). You will notice a difference when you find the right products – your hair will feel smoother and you will be able to run a comb through it more easily. You also want to be sure that you include a purifying shampoo in your routine, like Sudzz FX’s Nyrvana Purifying Shampoo. This will keep product and environmental materials from building up and dulling your strands.


  1. Only use a wide-tooth comb on wet hair.

Your hair is at its weakest point when it is wet, so you need to be extra careful with it. By using a wide-tooth comb, your conditioner will be more evenly distributed. It will also help prevent breakage. Just be sure you start from the tips using small section and work your way up.


  1. Rinse with cold water.

Cold water helps seal your cuticles. It promotes shinier, smoother hair and helps prevent tangles from forming in the future.


  1. Gently pat (don’t rub!) wet hair.

Again, your hair is most vulnerable to damage (and knotting) when it is wet, so you have to keep this in mind when drying it. Don’t rub your hair with a towel -- don’t even wrap it up. Instead, take a soft cotton t-shirt and blot your strands to keep tangles and damage away.


  1. Get regular trims.

As badly tangled as your hair may be, it will look even worse if you have breakage. Listen to your stylist – visit every four to six weeks for a trim.


  1. Sleep on silk.

Another easy way to help prevent tangles is to sleep on a silk pillowcase. It will be much gentler on your strands than a cotton pillowcase; this is especially important if you move around a lot in your sleep. It also helps to pull your hair back into a bun or a braid before going to sleep (spritz on a little bit of Kenra's Professional Platinum Texturizing Mist 6 for easy overnight waves).

That’s really all there is to it! If you can think of anyone else who might benefit from this article, please share it.


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