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14 Fast Ways to Eliminate Frizz

By Corinne Shoemaker July 12, 2021 0 comments

 When it comes to frizz, the struggle is real -- but it doesn't have to be! Read on to learn fourteen fast ways you can turn your frizzy mane into the sleek, gorgeous 'do you've always wanted.


1. Hydrate your hair before working out.

The salt in your sweat can dry out your hair if you aren’t careful. That’s why we recommend using a leave-in conditioner pre-workout, like PRAVANA's Nevo Intense Therapy Leave-In Treatment, to keep your strands hydrated.


2. Use bobby pins to tame a frizzy updo.

There’s an easy fix for when the underside of your updo gets messy: bobby pins! It can also help to use hairspray like Kenra's Frizz Control Primer – just don’t use a serum (it isn’t strong enough).


3. Fix a frizzy ponytail with lotion.

Start by trying to smooth down frizz with hairspray, like Kenra's Frizz Control Primer. If you’re not getting the results you want, work a small amount of hand or body lotion like Pureology's Smooth Perfection Lightweight Smoothing Lotion through your hair.


4. Make sure you are brushing your hair on a regular basis.

Another super easy way you can help your hair stay moisturized is by flipping it over your head and brushing it out with a boar bristle brush. This will help distribute oils produced by your scalp through the rest of your hair, giving your strands the moisture they need while also protecting against humidity. Try PRAVANA's Nevo Hydra Pearl Replenishing Hair Oil it is a concentrated elixir full of antioxidants that leaves hair revived, stronger and with more shine.


5. Skip shampooing twice a week.

Despite what you may have been told, you don’t need to wash your hair every day, or even every other day in some cases. Doing so can actually dry out your hair! If you have severely dry hair, try skipping shampooing once or twice a week and using just your conditioner like Kenra's Frizz Control Conditioner. Surfactants, which are used in shampoo to clean hair, are also found in conditioner (but in smaller amounts). This means that conditioner will still eliminate all the nasty residue from your hair without drying it out!


6. Use a hydrating mask.

As the months get colder, and the air more dry, we have to work a little harder to keep our hair hydrated. You can easily do this by using a hydrating mask once a week. Try Pureology's Strength Cure Restorative Masque.


7. Pick a shampoo that contains glycerin and is free of sulfates.

Sulfates are never a good idea as they can strip hair of its essential oils, making it dry and brittle. Just making the switch to sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner can work wonders for your hair. When it comes to frizz, however, it’s a good idea to look for glycerin in your shampoo as it will force its way through the hair shaft, providing maximum hydration. We recommend Kenra's Frizz Control Shampoo.


8. Use conditioner every time you shampoo.

Again, hydration is super important when trying to eliminate frizz. This is why you should never skip using conditioner. Again, look for glycerin as an ingredient in addition to other moisturizing ingredients like argan oil and shea butter. Avoid applying it to your roots if you want to keep your hair from being weighed down. Focus on the ends, as this is where hair tends to be the most damaged. Try Sudzz FX’s AquaFix Hydrating Conditioner.


9. If you have textured hair, sleep in a silk scarf.

This will allow your hair to retain moisture since the silk won’t absorb what is in your hair (and your pillow case won't be able to get to your strands, either)! 


10. Allow your hair to mostly air dry before going at it with your blow dryer.

Hot tools present yet another problem in keeping your hair hydrated, especially as colder months approach and the air becomes more dry. To minimize damage, allow your hair to dry naturally about ninety percent of the way. Be sure apply heat protectant like Kenra's Platinum Blow-Dry Spray before using any tools on your strands!


11. Keep a serum nearby for quick fixes.

Try Pureology's Smooth Perfection Smoothing Serum. It is formulated with organic extracts that help smooth curly or straight hair. It also staves off heat damage, which means your hair will get a little bit of extra protection from sun damage when you use it throughout the day. Apply the serum lightly from your roots to your ends to smooth down flyaways.


12. Use dry oil.

Dry oil is a great way to help reduce frizz, as it locks in moisture while keeping humidity out. Wash your hair and apply the oil try Kenra's Daily Defense Oil from about the middle of your hair to your ends. Then, once it is almost dry, go through it with a round brush that has boar bristles to help seal the cuticle.


13. Use a cream hydrator and a diffuser.

After showering, while your hair is still wet, take a hair cream like Pureology's Smooth Perfection Intense Smoothing Cream and work it into your hair from your roots to your tips. Shape your curls using your fingers and allow them to air dry, or dry them with a diffuser on a high heat and low speed.


14. Curl your hair.

After you have applied dry oil, blowdry your hair. Give yourself loose waves by either putting your hair into a bun or going through your locks with a curling iron. Either way, the heat will help seal your cuticles, leaving you with a gorgeous, smooth ‘do.


That’s all there is to it! If you can think of anyone else who might find this article helpful, please share it.


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