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Never Have a Bad Hair Day Again with These 7 Easy Tricks

By Corinne Shoemaker December 13, 2015 0 comments

 Bad hair days can come at the most inconvenient times – and if you’re stuck at work or another place where you have very little time or resources to rescue your ‘do, it can really mess with your confidence. Well, worry no more! We’ve come up with a list of seven easy ways can you fix a bad hair day no matter where you are. Read on…


1. When you want to keep you curls from going limp.


If your curls tend to lose their bounce as the day wears on, you may not be giving them enough support when styling. After curling your hair and locking it in with a lightweight hairspray like DevaCurl's Flexible-Hold Hair Spray, you can strengthen your curls even more with one extra step. Section your hair into two parts, twisting each into a bun and pinning them in place. Don’t let your hair down until you get to work. If your curls still fall a little flat, repeat the last step, applying a little more hairspray to give your locks added support.


2. When textured hair decides to go into frizz mode.


Frizzy curls can’t be saved when they’re dry, so you need to keep a conditioning spray on-hand, like DevaCurl's Set It Free Moisture Lock. Apply the spray and reshape your curls using your fingers to calm flyaways. Finally, allow your hair to dry naturally. Viola – no more frizz!


3. When your waves start to flatten out.


This is one of the simplest fixes for a bad hair day – just keep a salt spray nearby, like DevaCurl's SuperCream Coconut Curl Styler. Spritz it onto your strands and either twist your hair into a bun, allowing it to air dry, or give your locks a nice scrunch.


4. When you get weird kinks in your hair.    


Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do for straight hair that gets assaulted by kinks besides re-straightening it. Keep a mini flat iron close by for emergencies.


5. When fine hair goes flat.


Use texturizing spray, like Sudzz FX's AirPlay Designing Spray, to amp it up. Just flip over your ‘do and spritz it with the product, focusing on your roots. Volume will come not only from the spray, but also from the formula absorbing excess oils produced by your scalp (which will cause your hair to look dead).


6. When you’re attacked by static.


Getting rid of static is easy with a little serum try Pureology's Smooth Perfection Smoothing Serum. Just drop a pea-sized amount into one hand and use it to smooth down your hair, avoiding the roots so that your ‘do doesn’t get weighed down. If your hair is already looking oily, try calming it with a little hairspray instead. Just don’t try to brush your hair (it will only make things worse)!


7. When your scalp starts looking like an oil spill.


If your hair starts to look greasy after messing around with it, you can easily clean it up with some dry shampoo we like Pureology's Fresh Approach Dry Shampoo. Just apply it at the roots and brush it out. The product will absorb your scalp’s oils and hopefully give your hair a fresh look. If, however, your hair is so greasy that dry shampoo alone can’t give you the look you want, then try one of these easy hairstyles.

That’s it! Now you can leave your bad hair days where they belong: in the past. If you can think of anyone else who might find this article helpful, please share it!


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