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6 Ways to Create Perfect Waves with a Flat Iron

By Corinne Shoemaker July 12, 2021 0 comments

Anyone can create waves with a flat iron, but if you want flawless locks, you’ll have to read our tips below…


1. Braid your hair.

For gorgeous beachy waves, just braid your hair and run a hot iron over it a few times. Allow the hair to cool then release its elastic.


2. Just bend your wrist.

For quick, light waves, hold each section of hair horizontally from your head. Use your flat iron to grab the hair close to your scalp, then bend your wrist away from your hair and toward it as you gently move the iron down toward your ends. Easy!


3. Form an “S” shape.

This one is simple. Take a section of hair and hold it up by the end, dropping its middle (the part that curves) into your flat iron. Then, create an “S” shape with the lock and again clamp down where it curves. Repeat this step until you reach the ends.


4. Twist and pull.

Here’s another easy one. Just take a flat iron, angle it, and grab a section of hair. Twist the section away from your face to bend it, then very gently slide it down the section and once again twist it away from your face. Continue doing this until you have about an inch of hair left, allowing the ends to remain straight for a natural look.


5. Use pins.

After using a flat iron to wave your hair, allow it to cool, then pin up each section using bobby pins and leave them in overnight. This is a great method to use if your hair loses definition easily – the longer you keep your hair pinned, the more durable your waves will be. Apply hairspray for extra strength we like Kenra's Volume Spray 25 Non-Aerosol.


6. Wrap your hair for a curly effect.

Take a flat iron (with a 1.25-inch barrel) and grab a section of hair where it is closest to the nape of your neck, then twirl your wrist so that the hair wraps over your iron rather than underneath it. As you push the iron toward your tips, make sure that it continues to wrap around your barrel, as this is what will create the curl. For more defined curls, grab small sections of hair.


Word to the wise: before ever applying heat to your hair, you should make sure to use a protectant. Excess heat can dry out your strands making them brittle and difficult to manage. Try Kenra's Professional Platinum Hot Spray 20.


That's all there is to it! If you know anyone else who might benefit from our tips, please share them.


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