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Dry Hair? Don’t Despair—We’ve Got That Covered

By Jane Moss November 28, 2018 0 comments

Who doesn’t get surly locks that frizz and break—especially as colder weather approaches? Even women with naturally oily hair can suffer from winter’s drying effect. Dry hair can be a major bother and colder months can bring out the worst. Covered in hats, dried day in and day out from central heat (not to mention our normal day-to-day hair care routines, which can include plenty of dry heat on their own), dry hair is one of winter’s biggest downers.

Dry hair and flaky scalps result from living in an environment where there’s a lack of humidity. But your hair care products’ ingredients can also cause your hair and scalp to dry out. Shampoos that contain silicon and parabens are major offenders—and not normally found in products containing natural ingredients. Preservatives such as methylisothiazolinone can irritate the scalp and cause flaking.

Some of the best new shampoos and conditioning treatments on the market are designed to keep moisture locked in place—and dryness at a distance, and their all-natural ingredients make them gentle to hair and scalp. Abba’s Pure like of shampoos, including their Cherry Bark & Aloe shampoo, are the perfect types of shampoo for dry hair months. A nourishing herbal blend calms sensitive skin and scalp, gently cleanses and mends damaged hair. You’ll see a noticeable softness and shine. Pair it up with natural Abba Cherry Bark & Aloe conditioner for a match made in hair-care heaven!

Fall and winter months are also the perfect time to perfect your use of hair oils. Think they’ll turn your locks in clumpy, divided string? Think again! Fast-absorbing and light, hair oils are one of the hottest trends in the hair products industry today. Specially formulated to be quickly absorbed into the hair, you’ll notice lustrous hair with extraordinary shine—all while maintaining body and bounce! Try one of the best-made oil products out there—Neuma Neurepair Argan Oil Treatment. It’s a highly concentrated form of Argan Oil specially blended for hair. You’ll see extraordinary conditioning plus a dramatically reduced blow drying time if you apply it before your daily hair care routine.

And speaking of routines, here are a few other trips to keep your hair from going bonkers-dry this winter:  Slow down on the hot water. Using cooler water will keep your hair and scalp their healthiest. Try to air-dry your hair if you have the time (though we love blow dryers, they sometimes don’t love us). And wear a hat or a scarf when winter winds come blowing. Your hair—and scalp—will thank you for it!

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