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How to Maintain Healthy Hair In Winter

By Angela lagrimas July 03, 2017 0 comments

We all know that the cold, dry air of winter can cause dry skin. However, your hair is just as vulnerable to damage in the winter. During the summer, you find it necessary to moisturize the hair as you spend long hours in the sun. However, that is also as important during the winter season. The cold wind could cause the hair to become dry and brittle. Here are a few tips on how to take care of your hair in the winter.


Wear a Hat.

When you go out during the winter months, always ensure that you are wearing a hat. That way your hair is protected from the cold winds of winter. If you get static in your hair from wearing the hat, just run a dryer sheet over it to get rid of the static. However, avoid wearing a hat, which is too tight. Otherwise, it might affect blood circulation to the head, which could affect hair growth.


Use Conditioner Every Time You Wash Your Hair.

The conditioner needs to be applied to the hair so that it is covered in nourishing oils. Take time to apply it, so that it has enough time to settle in. It is also important that you only use high-quality conditioner. A good example of high-quality conditioner is Kenra Brightening Conditioner.


Hair Washing Should be Kept to a Minimum.

If you want great hair in winter, keep washing to the minimum. In most cases, it should not be washed more than twice a week. Additionally, ensure that you dry the hair after you wash it. If you leave the excessive moisture in your hair, it could form ice, which is damaging to hair. It is preferable to dry it using a towel than a dryer.


Use a Humidifier.

A good way to keep the hair healthy in the winter is to use a humidifier. The reason for this is that heat inside the house during the winter tends to make the air dry. Thus, your hair is exposed to excessively dry and warm air. It will eventually cause the hair to break up if a remedy is not found. The humidifier helps to keep both the skin and hair from being too dry.


Style You Hair in a Simple Manner.

During the winter, you need to maintain minimal contact with your hair.  The less you fuss over your hair, the less there is a chance of it breaking apart. If you keep running a comb or finger through it, that increase the chances of it breaking up. Style your hair in a manner that you do not need to touch it again during the day.


Use Warm Oil on Your Scalp.

Warm oil is a great way to moisturize your hair. You can use olive oil, which is slightly warmed for this purpose. Leave the warm olive oil in the hair for about two hours and then wash it out with a good shampoo. One example of a good shampoo is Sudzz FX Cashmere Hydrating Shampoo. Do not worry if you cannot get all the oil out of your hair. It will continue to keep the hair moisturized.



 Another way to have healthy hair in winter is to stay hydrated. Ensure that you drink enough water and avoid going for long periods without sipping some water. Besides that, ensure that you stay healthy. Exercise often and eat healthy food. You are almost assured of having great hair if you are on a healthy diet. Besides that, avoid using cheap products on your hair. Some cheap products could even cause your hair to fall off.

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