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Round, Square or Oval- Face Shape Commands Your Hair Style!

By Jane Moss June 09, 2018 0 comments

The secret to a good hair style is coming to Brick & Mirror Beauty Bar (of course!). But there’s another factor that’s key to your overall satisfaction—selecting a cut, style and even color that’s flattering to your face.

There are six general face shapes: Oval, oblong, round, square, heart-shape and diamond-shape. Identifying yours and following a few simple guidelines can change your entire look.


Lucky you! This is the easiest shape to work with—you can pretty much select any hair style you desire. Good for ovals:This symmetrical face shape can accommodate any cut, long or short, curled or straight. Whether you pull your hair back for a special occasion or wear it loose around your face, the oval shape works well with just about any style.


This is a face shape that’s thinner--there’s a longer distance between your forehead and chin.Good for oblongs:Regular fringe bangs (shortens the face) work well for you. Avoid long hair; consider getting a shorter cut with layers around your face to build the illusion of a shorter silhouette. If you want to keep your locks long, hombre coloring with lighter ends can soften the effect.


A perfect circle is a thing of beauty but follow these tips so its symmetry won’t detract from your overall look. Good for rounds:Avoid shorter haircuts—it will make your face appear rounder. If you want a bang, do a longer or side bang. This will create the illusion of length.


This shape is structured—your forehead and jaw are on the same line creating what we call a “square.” A short haircut will emphasize a square shape so go with longer layers or a side-swept bang. Stay away from a square bang or any cut with straight, straight lines. Good for squares: If you want a bang, go with a rounder shape. You have enough architecture in your beautiful face—soften it up with layers. Anything fun and free will accentuate the positive and soften your overall look. 


This face has wider cheekbones and a narrower chin so it looks like the outline of a heart. Good for heart-shapes: Haircuts that work well for you are going to be curly, wavy hairstyles that are fun, playful and frame your face. Avoid anything that accentuates your forehead width. Stay away from short pixies. If you’re going to go short, go with something wispy that frames your cheeks. This will soften your overall look and truly make you a queen of hearts.


Your cheekbones are a little wider than your forehead and your chin, so it forms the outline of a diamond. Good for diamond-shape: Avoid a lot of layers and a lot of volume around your face. This could make your face look wider. You want a longer, layered cut that runs below the chin to elongates your look. 

These are just suggestions—the most important ingredients where hair and beauty are concerned is being comfortable and confident with whatever cut, color and style you choose. After all, confidence is the most important ingredient in your beauty regimen there is!

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