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The Best Products for Big Hair 

By Angela lagrimas December 21, 2016 0 comments

If your ultimate wish is hair the size of Texas, you need to make sure that you are stocking your bathroom with the right products. While poor quality products may give your hair a boost, for luxurious looking big hair that lasts from morning until night, you need to make sure you are treating your tresses with products that are as fabulous as you are. If you are looking for the best products for big hair, we have the list (and some volumizing tips, too!)


Products for Perfect Hair 

Don’t let your hair game slip by throwing your money in the trash with poor quality products. There’s a reason that we here at Brick and Mirror Beauty endorse a very select few items to help up your hair game, and it’s because they have been time tested to produce the best results on our highly selective clients who value beautiful hair. 


  • Shampoo 

Starting your styling process off with a clean scalp is key to making sure your hair doesn’t end up looking weighed down and oily. Always invest in a high quality shampoo such as, Sudzz FX's Whipped Crème & Honey Volumizing Shampoo for best results.


  • Conditioner 

Conditioner is important to help protect your hair from heat, rehydrate your locks, and can be a great prep product for those who are looking to maximize their volume. A volume enhancing conditioner such as, Kenra's Volumizing Conditioner is crucial for max volume and beautiful, silky locks. 


  • Styling 

The final selection for XXL hair is choosing your styling products! A heat protectant, a holding agent such as, Sudzz FX's BlowOut Volumizing Spray Gel, and a finishing product is the best way to make sure your sky high hair stays up all day long. 


Before you try to amp up your volume, make sure you have the right products to help hold the job up all day long! 


Volume Tips to Take Your Hair Sky High 

Simply spritzing your hair with the right products isn’t a cure all for flat hair. You need to combine it with the proper techniques to help boost your hair’s volume. From us to you, here’s our pro tips from Brick and Mirror Beauty.


        1. Construct Your Blueprint 

What type of hair do you have? Thick? Fine? Somewhere in between? Do heavy products weigh your hair down? For the best style outcome, make sure you know your hair before you start styling. You will also need to select a good  heat protectant such as, PRAVANA's Nevo Invisible Control Heat-Activated Thermal Protectant that can help to boost your volume.


        2. Execute the Plan

After applying your volumizing heat protectant, you will want a styling product to help send your hair to the gods. For those with fine hair, a weightless product such as, Kenra's Platinum Silkening Mist is best to help avoid weighing your hair down. If your hair can hold up product all day long, however, go extra strength or go home. You can go with hair rollers or a blow dryer, but vertical (or even inverted) lift from the root is key here. Use a large round brush and blow dryer to help get the most lift from your hair or even flip your head upside down and blow it dry. Afterwards, you can even take flat iron such as, CHI's G2 Ceramic and Titanium Hair Styling Iron and vertically flatiron your roots. 


        3. Seal the Deal 

Whether you call it teasing, backcombing, or ratting (we prefer backcombing) this can be a great method to help hold your hair’s volume all day long. For the best backcombing tips, check this out. Once you’re done, be sure to finish your look with a volume enhancing hairspray such as, Kenra's Volume Spray 25.

A three step plan is critical to help you achieve the right look and attain maximum volume!  

Volume can be achieved by any girl with the right products and techniques. Don’t let flat hair pull you down. Our stylists here at Brick and Mirror Beauty are happy to help you choose the best products for your hair and give you some one on one tips at your next appointment. 


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