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There’s more than one way to dry your hair. But for the vast majority of American women, blow dryers offer the easiest, most effective solution for not only drying your hair but transforming the hair itself. A well-designed, easy-to-hold blow dryer coupled with the right kind of brushes and some styling product can get you on your way to beautiful hair in no time at all.


And if you’re like most women, a blow dryer will last at most a couple of years. And during that time, new developments in product design and manufacturing may lead you to be a bit in the dark when you hit store shelves. Here are some of the latest trends in dryer research and development that will help you to make the right purchase:

Ionic or tourmaline blow dryers: Both of these dryers give off negative ions that allow for a quick dry. They work by helping to break down water on your hair into smaller particles so drying takes less time. Because the hair dries faster, water doesn’t have enough time to saturate the hair shaft, reducing frizz and giving hair a sleek, smooth appearance. Tourmaline dryers operate in the same way, but they produce even more negative ions. Many stylists swear by tourmaline dryers as the ultimate for anyone looking for a highly polished look.

Ceramic blow dryers:  These products apply heat gently to hair than ionic or tourmaline dryers. By covering the heating elements, ceramic dryers are better for women with thin, dry or brittle hair. Heat is distributed evenly and effectively for a quick, painless blow-dry.

Titanium:  Dryers billed as titanium produce a lot of heat and can be great for anyone looking for a lighter-weight dryer as well as one that will speed up the drying process. They work particularly well for women with thick hair—and lots of it!

Infrared: If a dryer you are looking to buy says it features infrared technology, just know that this is the perfect type of dryer for anyone with super-fine hair as it dries gently but works by drying hair from the outside in.

Don’t forget to look at the wattage on a blow dyer—this is indicative of the power you’ll get form this beauty tool. Most stylists recommend a dryer with no less than 1800 for home use. Professionals may opt for dryers in the 3600 range. More wattage means less time drying, so if you’re a gal on the go, consider spending the extra dollars for a performance machine.

Heat settings are also important as not all dryers have them. A cool setting or a cool-shot button actually helps to set a brush-held curl, so consider this option when you’re looking for the dyer of your dreams.

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