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Keeping your makeup brushes clean is essential to a great look. If you don’t, the bristles become caked in dirt, dead skin, and other gross materials that will make your brushes less effective, and can even lead to breakouts. Thankfully, it’s a simple process that you don’t have to do more than once a week, or until your brushes become hard. Just follow these steps:

Step 1: Pre-Rinse

Place your brushes under running water at a lukewarm temperature, pointing the brush-heads downward. Don’t let the water touch the handle of your brush or you risk loosening the glue and causing the barrel to fall off.

Step 2: Wash

Place a few drops of soap in a bowl of lukewarm water and swirl your brush heads in the mixture. Run the heads over your palms to lather them up. For this step, using a gentle soap (like baby soap) should work just fine. However, there are soaps made specifically for washing makeup brushes, which you might want to consider if you have super cakey brushes.

Step 3: Rinse and Repeat

Run your brushes under lukewarm water once again and repeat the previous steps until the water goes clear. Finally, use a towel to gently squeeze the water out of your brushes and lay them out to dry.

That’s it! It will take up to eight hours for your brushes to dry, so you should probably wait until the end of the day to go through this routine. For a more in-depth look at how to wash your makeup brushes, check out this video:

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