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Kick filters to the curb with this easy tutorial to achieve flawless skin that looks so good, everyone will think it’s airbrushed (but it isn’t)! You can do it in just four steps…


Step 1: Prep and Prime (With Anti-Shine).

Begin by taking an anti-shine primer and applying it to your T-zone to help diminish the oily glare of your moisturizer. Easy!


Step 2: Form a Foundation “Cross”.

To give yourself a finish that looks natural, apply your foundation as if marking your face with a cross. Blend it from the center going outward. Try using a foundation that is made specifically for airbrushing. For best results, use a foundation brush to blend, like Beauty Addicts’ Pro Face Brush.


Step 3: Conceal Problem-Areas.

Pay extra attention to problem areas, like acne. To conceal dark circles and bring more attention to your eyes, dab three dots of concealer along your lower lash line in an upside-down triangle shape. Place one more dot at the bottom center of the triangle, then blend it all in.  We love Beauty Addicts’ Double Deception Concealer both for its multi-purpose uses, and natural soothing effects.


Step 4: Finish it Off.

Give yourself just the right amount of powder by applying it in a T-formation. This will allow you to diminish shine while your cheeks retain their glow. Finish it all off with blush, mascara, and plenty of selfies!

Do you have any flawless makeup tips? We would love to hear from you – please leave a comment!


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