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Get Fuller Lips in 4 Steps

Get Fuller Lips in 4 Steps By Corinne Shoemaker

So, date night is coming up and you want your lips to look a little more...tempting. We’re here to help! Follow this easy four-step process and your lips will instantly appear full and flawless.

  1. Trace your mouth’s perimeter and color the corners.

By filling in the corners of your upper lip, it will add dimension, bringing attention to the front of your lips and making them look bigger. Try Beauty Addicts’ Luscious Lips Lipliner. It is anti-aging and comes in five gorgeous shades from “Glow” to “Sinful.” Pick one that is slightly more pink than the color of your lips.

  1. Create vertical lines going across your bottom lip.

Again, the point is to give dimension. Widen your lips by smiling a little, and draw three lines: one in the center and two on both sides of it.

  1. Apply a nude lipstick.

Pick one that is a little bit darker than your actual lip color. Don’t worry if it isn’t exactly the same shade as your lip liner -- the neutral colors will allow them to blend beautifully. If you want, you don’t have to blend the colors together completely (if the lines are just barely visible, it will provide the illusion that your lips are even larger).

  1. Finish it off with lip gloss.

Grab a neutral shade and swipe it onto your lips. The shine will bring added attention to your lips, as well as aid in making them appear fuller.

That’s it! Try it out and let us know how you like it in the comments. If you can think of anyone who might benefit from this article, please do them a favor and share it!


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