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How to Keep Your Eye Makeup Under Control (5 Steps)

By Corinne Shoemaker September 29, 2015 0 comments

Applying eye makeup correctly is tricky enough, but keeping it under control can be a real struggle. Luckily, you’ve got our tips to help you! Read on to learn how you can keep your eye makeup in place all day long...


  1. Seek out durable products.

If you want makeup that won’t disappoint, you need to think like an athlete. Look for phrases like “waterproof” or “long-lasting.”


  1. Don’t use oil-based products.

Your eyelids already produce oil -- adding to it with oily products will only make things more difficult for you. This is why you will want to avoid this ingredient in your eye products whenever possible. If, however, you do end up using it (such as in an eye cream), apply the product before bed and wash it off the morning. This way you can reap all the benefits of your products without it interfering with your makeup.


  1. Use a primer.

To keep your eye makeup locked in for longer periods of time, apply an oil-free primer. A pressed powder will work as well.


  1. Avoid using concealer or foundation to prime your eyelids.

Many concealers and foundations contain oils, so it won’t help to prime with these products -- it will only cause your makeup to slide around more. Again, stick to oil-free products.


  1. Use gel liner as a base for your eye shadow.

It sounds weird, but gel liners can actually double as a base for your eyeshadow to keep it in place. Just grab a shade that matches your eyeshadow and carefully apply it where you will be layering on your product, then blend it with your finger or brush. You have to do this quickly, so work on one eye at a time. Next, apply your eyeshadow. Finish it all off by using a fluffy brush to apply nude shades at the corners of your eyes (this will help soften the look).

It’s that easy! If you can think of anyone who might benefit from this article, please share it.


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