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6 Ways To Have Natural Looking Makeup

By Gianna Tino July 22, 2016 0 comments

It’s not everyday that you want a full face of dramatic makeup. Sometimes you want a lighter touch of all natural looking makeup, especially during the warmer summer months. When you think of “natural” throw out that smoky eye or bold red lip. Stick to tones that are softer on your skin. Here are 6 ways to have natural looking makeup anytime you want to lighten up.

1. Switch To A BB Cream Or Tinted Moisturizer

Instead of using heavy foundation, try a lighter weight BB or CC Cream. Even a tinted moisturizer will work. These are meant to even out the skin tone, but don’t have the thick feel of a traditional base foundation. Plus, they have a variety of good for your skin ingredients that can take care of redness, or even reduce hyper-pigmentation. Try Mineral Sheer Tinted Moisturizer by Beauty Addicts. Or if you can get away with not using a cover-up product at all, you might just stick to sunscreen and a little bit of powder foundation in your t-zone to prevent shine. Try Flawless Cover Pressed Powder by Beauty Addicts, which is light coverage when you just press on one layer. It contains chamomile to sooth the skin as well.


2. Use All-In_One Products

For eyes, lips, and cheeks instead of using multiple products, stick to an “all-in-one.” These multi-purpose products will give you a sheer wash of color in a few different places on your face. A monochromatic look will always seem more natural. Stick to bronze or rose tones that will give you some color, but look understated. Beauty Addicts Sleek Cheeks Blush is a product that has cream based dual colors that can be used anywhere on the face, not just the cheeks. In “Glow”, one of Brick and Mirror Beauty’s best sellers, use the lighter side to highlight under your brows to make your eyes stand out, and the darker shade on the lips and cheeks.


Tip #3: Switch To Brown Mascara

 Black mascara although a staple can look too dramatic for soft makeup. You want to make the subtle change to brown mascara for an all natural look. This also goes for any eyeliner you might wear, which leads into the next tip.


Tip #4: Lighten Up Your Eyeliner Shade

   If your regular one is deep, dark black switching to a lighter shade can help. Choose bronze, soft plum, or even a khaki green for a more natural way to wear your eye makeup. Beauty Addicts Effortless Eyeliner comes in those lighter shades like “Express” and “Masquerade.”

  When you apply the liner, keep it as close to your lash line as possible for a less obvious line. That will make it appear as though your eyes are just naturally defined and beautiful. Stick to lining just the top as well.


Tip #5: Pick The Perfect Nude Lip

 A nude lip is truly the way to go for natural makeup. Finding the right nude can be a challenge. You want to look like your lips are just naturally lush and perfect. A pretty nude can be achieved with the right undertone. You don’t want to have dead lips. Lips with life can be a great asset to your natural look. Beauty Addicts Beautiful Lips Lipstick makes a few nude shades that will enhance your pretty pout. Try “Shy”, and “Toast” for fair to medium skin tones, or “In The Buff” for darker ones.


Tip #6: Don’t Forget The Brows

 One of the best ways to stay all natural is by not forgetting your brows. If your brows are well maintained and filled in correctly, it’s going to allow you to use much less makeup everywhere else on your face. The brows frame your face in a way that make it more flawless when done right. A great tool to have in your cosmetics arsenal is the Beauty Addicts Pro Brow Shaper Brush, which will allow you to brush on eyebrow powder to fill them in, and shape them into place for a polished look. 


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