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9 Scary Ways Stress Changes How You Look

By Corinne Shoemaker October 03, 2015 0 comments

It’s no secret that how you manage your stress plays a big role in your overall health -- which also means that it plays a big role in your appearance as you age. Read on to learn nine scary ways that stress can change how you look.

1. Fine Lines And Wrinkles

    If you make weird faces when you get stressed out, you’re not alone! Unfortunately, doing so can lead to wrinkles over time, particularly in your brow and lip areas (since these are the areas that tend to experience the most movement in times of stress). If you want to prevent lines, you need to be aware of your facial expressions. It also helps to use a preventative formula like Probiotic Anti-Aging Serum by Bioelements.

    2. Dry Skin

      As great as pumpkin spice lattes taste, you have to make sure you’re mixing things up with some (well, a lot) of water. Actually, you need to be drinking at least eight glasses per day. Not only is this important for keeping your skin hydrated and flake-free, but also to help keep your stress under control. If you’re extremely stressed out, chances are you’re passing up water for that feel-good sugary beverage. While it might give you a lift in the moment, water is what will make you feel better in the long-run. Yep, research shows that water can actually help reduce your stress! So, the next time you’re thinking about grabbing a soda, go for the Dasani. If flaky skin is still a struggle, try adding a serum into your routine, like Phyto Replenish Oil by Dermalogica. This will improve your skin’s hydration and texture so that your makeup can glide on.

      3. Acne

      If you go to bed super stressed and wake up with more than a few angry zits, don’t despair – the world’s not against you. Actually, stress can cause a lot of issues for your skin from acne to eczema. This is because it screws up your hormones as well as the balance of good and bad bacteria in your gut, both of which cause breakouts. There are lots of ways you can reduce your stress to help prevent zits from cropping up. Adding more vegetables to your diet, drinking more water, or even simply meditating for a few minutes every day are all great ways to start!

      4. Bags

        It seems that people are getting less and less sleep as time goes on. The responsibilities and challenges of day-to-day life (not to mention our phones!) keep our minds super active when we should be resting. This can lead to liquids pooling underneath your eyes and, as a result, puffiness when you wake up. This is especially true if you don’t sleep on your back. You need your beauty sleep (about eight hours every night)! Put away your phone and do some meditation before you fall into bed to help calm your mind. If you’re still having problems in the morning, try Stress Positive Eye Lift by Dermalogica.

        For a more temporary solution, chill a couple of spoons in your freezer. After about thirty seconds, press their backs to your eyes. Simple!

        5. Red Face

          The more stressed you are, the more irregular your breathing will be. If you’re taking short and shallow breaths or even simply holding your breath, your face will become flushed.  When you’re feeling stressed, remember to take deep breaths and remain calm.

          6. Gray Hair

            Another unfortunate thing about stress is that it can affect melanin production in your hair. Melanin is a pigment that gives your hair color, so when it stops being produced, your hair turns gray. Stress can also thin out your strands. To help prevent both of these problems, biotin and B vitamin supplements can help. You should also be using a protein-infused shampoo, like Kenra's Professional Clarifying Shampoo.

            7. Thinning Hair

            It isn’t a myth that stress can cause your hair to fall out prematurely. This is because stress speeds up your hair’s natural cycle. Fortunately, it takes a lot of stress for this to happen (such as medical issues or experiencing a tragedy). Check with your doctor if you think you’re losing abnormal amounts of hair. To give your strands a little volume, try a thickening foam like PRAVANA’s Nevo Full Volume.

            8. Rashes

            This is yet another issue that can be a sign of imbalance in the gut. Having the good bacteria in your gut become overpowered by the bad can cause a host of skin issues, including rashes and hives. You may need to add certain nutrients to balance things out, so you should speak with a doctor if you think it’s a problem. To help temporarily cover up a rash, use a stick concealer with soothing and anti-inflammatory effects, and apply it to the area using a clean finger.

            9. Deep Nail Grooves

              Many people have grooves in their nails running vertically. This can be linked to aging or a vitamin deficiency. If, however, your grooves run horizontally, there could be a greater issue at hand that is linked to stress (such as diabetes). If you notice that you have these grooves, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible. If you want to cover them up in the meantime, just apply some nail art.

              Did you find any of these facts surprising? Leave a comment. If you can think of anyone else who might find this article useful, please share it!

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