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10 Ways You’re Not Removing Your Makeup Correctly

By Corinne Shoemaker July 12, 2021 0 comments

As simple as makeup removal may seem, getting all the residue off of your skin can be a lot harder than you think. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of ten mistakes you could be making when removing your makeup – mistakes that could be leading to issues like acne or even infection.

1. You Use A Towel To Exfoliate Your Skin

We hate to sound like a broken record, but this is important: you need to be gentle with your skin. This means you should never use a towel to exfoliate. Towels have rough fibers which can do just as much damage to your face as a harsh scrub, so use an exfoliator instead like Exfoliating Face Brush and Daily Superfoliant by Dermalogica. Massage it into your skin in a circular motion to eliminate dead skin cells.

1. You Aren't Using The Right Cleanser

Not all skin types are alike, and using the wrong cleanser can cause a lot of problems (including breakouts). You can figure out exactly the type of skin you have by meeting with your dermatologist. Once you know, do a little research to find which cleanser will suit you best. Your skin will thank you for it! We recommend Precleanse by Dermalogica.

3. Your Cleanser Has The Wrong PH For Your Skin

If your skin doesn’t have the right pH (it should be somewhere between 4.0 and 5.5), then your acid mantle will be damaged. This means your skin will be less protected from harmful elements like dirt and pollution. If your pH levels aren’t balanced, your skin can break out or become dry and flaky. Look for a cleanser with a pH between 3.0 and 3.5 to keep your levels neutral.

4. You Use Wipes Instead Of Washing

As helpful as wipes can be in removing makeup, you should always follow it up with a powerful cleanser. Try a product that is specially formulated for removing makeup, like Special Cleansing Gel by Dermalogica.

5. You Use Hot Water To Wash Your Face

As good as it may feel, hot water is a bad idea when it comes to washing your face since it will only dry out your skin. Switch to lukewarm water instead.

6. You Don't Pat Your Skin Dry

Again, towels can cause big problems for your skin if you aren’t careful. Rubbing your face dry is just as bad as trying to exfoliate it with a towel. Instead, gently pat your skin.

7. You Don't Remove All Of Your Eye Makeup

    If you aren’t careful to remove all of your eye makeup, it could cause an infection (yikes!) Take a few extra seconds to make sure you completely wipe it away, including your eyeliner and mascara. It can also help to hold the wipe against your eye for a few seconds before wiping it away, as this will help saturate the makeup. We recommend to use Soothing Eye Make-up Remover by Dermalogica.

    8. You Use The Same Wipe For Removing All Of Your Makeup

    Using the same wipe for your whole face is never a good idea since, instead of removing the makeup, you could just be transferring it to other parts of your face. Always use a second wipe to catch any leftover residue.

    9. You Use An Exfoliator That Is Too Rough

    Your skin is delicate, so you need to be as gentle with it as possible. It’s important to remove all of your makeup at the end of the day, but you don’t want to tear apart your face in the process! Use a scrub like Measured Micrograins by Bioelements which is formulated with gentle exfoliants rather than harsh ingredients (like broken seeds).

    10. You Leave Makeup On Your Skin

    This is perhaps the worst mistake of all. If you suffer from acne, chances are you either aren’t trying to remove your makeup, or you aren’t getting off quite as much as you think. When you leave makeup on your skin, it traps the sweat and bacteria in your pores which leads to blemishes. If you want to avoid breakouts, you must remove your makeup before bed, no matter how tired you may be!

    That's all there is to it. If you can think of anyone else who might find this article helpful, please share it.

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