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As the light fades and the winter chill sets in, you might feel your skin getting a bit tighter and drier than it has been since, well, last winter! Outdoor cold and moisture-less heated homes can make your skin dry, your lips chapped and the delicate skin around your eyes appear to be wrinkled.

With this in mind, fall’s the time to start a skincare routine that incorporates ingredients that are specially formulated to help defray the impact of the coming cold.

Here are some recommendations for skin products to use for fall. At Brick & Mirror Beauty Bar, we recommend using a gentle cleansing oil product that is sure to clean your skin effortlessly—while leaving it soft and protected. Marula Pure Beauty Oil Foaming Facial Cleansing Oil cleans gently without any sulfates or oily residue. This triple-action hybrid cleanser delivers the benefits of a gentle oil cleanser in addition to the cleaning action you love from a traditional gel cleaners. The cleansing foam dissolves in your hands to gently exfoliate skin and remove dirt and dead skin cells to reveal firmer, younger-looking skin. Pair this with another Marula Pure Beauty Oil product—Foaming Facial Cleansing Oil Towelettes. This handy, travel-friendly cleansing cloths feature an exfoliating texture with pure Marula Oil and Alpha Hydroxy Acids. Removes make-up, grime and dirt without drying. Rises away to reveal your beautiful, glowing skin.

Once you’ve cleansed, remember to apply a nighly layer of Marula Pure Facial Oil. Light to the touch, this product absorbs quickly into the skin for exceptional hydration. Your skin will feel soft, making dryness a thing of the past! You can also use this product during daytime wear—or mix it into other beauty products, including foundations or make-up primers, for additional softness.  For those who prefer a lotion blend, Marula Pure Beauty Oil Facial Lotion features an anti-aging formula that helps repair environmentally damaged skin and provides INTENSE hydration. Improves skin tone, too, while giving your moisture balance, collagen protection and stronger skin. What’s not to like?

Now that we’ve covered some of the facial basics, don’t forget the rest of you! The best time to soften your skin is when you’ve emerged fresh from a shower or bath. That’s when your pores are opened, so any moisturizers you apply will naturally be absorbed more readily. Here’s an all-time winner for extra-rought spots: Queen Helene Shea Butter Face & Body Crème! HRH Queen Helene is a tried and true brand for millions of women, and this product’s shea butter formulation does not disappoint! Natual shea butter deeply hydrates normal to dry skin, helps calm mild sensitivity and irritations and restores skin to a smooth and supple appearance.  For daily use, we recommend HEMPZ Age Defying Herbal Body Moisturizer. Imbued with pure herbal extracts, HEMPZ Herbal contains 100% pure natural hemp seed oil to dramatically hydrate skin. Hemp seed oil is one of nature’s richest sources of essential fatty acides and key amino acids so its natural proteins, vitaminds, antioxidants and minerals get right to your skin.

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