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Fighting Summer Skin Dryness

By Gianna Tino July 18, 2016 0 comments

Your skin is the body’s largest organ. Ideally you want it to be smooth, hydrated, and soft to the touch. Radiant and glowing with health is the name of the game with skin. Unfortunately the state of your skin is affected by a variety of things in the environment. Skin dryness during those hot Summer months can be a problematic issue to deal with if you aren’t careful. Not only does being in the sun dry out your skin, but the indoor environment is an issue. Central air conditioners that take the moisture out of the air in your home can also contribute to flaky, dehydrated skin. Fighting Summer skin dryness can be accomplished if you follow a few of these smart skin care tips.

Brick and Mirror Beauty has a variety of perfect skin care products to take care of any skin problems that may come your way all season long.

1. Protect Always

Your skin is very affected by the sun. The sun can cause all kinds of damage in the way of sun spots (hyper-pigmentation), lines and wrinkles, dry patches, and even certain types of skin cancers. In order to maintain soft supple skin you want to protect it from the sun everyday without fail, even if you aren’t out in the sun for hours on end. The time you spend briefly going in out and of the sun, such as on the way to your car from your home, is considered “incidental sun exposure.” Protect your skin by using a moisturizer with an SPF of at least 15 to 30 at a minimum. RayDefense SPF 30 by Bioelements is the perfect daily sunscreen to use all over your body. It contains aloe and green tea to soothe the skin from harsh elements. If you are going to be outside for longer periods of time you should use a SPF of at least 50. 

2. Exfoliate A Few Times Per Week

When you exfoliate it allows your skin to shed dead cells that can cause flaky skin. By getting rid of those excess skin cells, you are revealing fresher, newer skin underneath. Plus, that skin is ready to take on moisture better without just sitting on the surface of the skin. For your face, you can use a Exfoliating Face Brush by Dermalogica for added exfoliation while you cleanse.

 To exfoliate your body use Skin Prep Scrub by Dermalogica, which has small aluminum oxide crystals that will power away rough skin. It’s the same kind of ingredients that are used in professional microdermabrasion treatments at the spa. It’s even gentle enough to use on your face, if you mix a little with your regular cleanser. 

3. Treat Your Skin To Hydration Everyday

 You want to hydrate your skin everyday to prevent dryness. Elements in the Summer can suck the moisture right out of your skin. For excessive dehydration on the face, try Really Rich Moisture by Bioelements which will sap dryness at its core. It helps repair micro-cracks in the skin that cause rough flakes. Use it twice a day to battle dry skin.

For your body indulge in Skin Smoothing Cream

 which has a shea butter formulation that will totally smooth out your skin. Not only will those flakes be gone for good with daily use, but you’ll find that it even helps soothe irritated skin. That can happen when you are out in the sun all Summer long.

  Brick and Mirror Beauty is proud to be your one stop shop for total body care. Having the right solutions to all your beauty needs is something our site strives to be with all our amazing products.


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