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Top Ten Summertime Beauty Tips

By Jane Moss June 26, 2018 0 comments

Like the rest of you, your skin and hair need extra hydration when the weather gets hot and humid. And since you’ll be showing more of your beautiful skin, it’s important to maintain your overall look with an enhanced beauty regime. Here are our top ten tips for making sure you weather the summer—and maintain that beautiful summer glow!

  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Your body’s loss of water from perspiration, extra physical activity or just sitting in the sun makes it imperative that you replace lost liquids with adequate hydration. Filtered water is the best fluid for hydration—avoid carbonated or caffeinated beverages. Be careful of caffeine intake particularly since it’s also a diuretic. Those ice teas and coffees are everyone’s favorite—but as a treat. Too many will actually make your body lose fluids more quickly.
  • Always wear an SPF: You know how important it is to protect your skin from the sun’s dangerous UV rays. Even though you might be tempted to go without protection, here’s one word of advice: Don’t! Many lightweight summer moisturizers, tanning products, foundations and BB creams contains SPF protection. At Brick & Mirror, we recommend Dermalogica Oil Free Matte Broad Spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30. It’s the perfect summer-weight sun shield that works perfectly under your make-up.
  • Get enough rest: Even though there’s more daylight, this isn’t the time of year you should skimp on sleep. A regular bedtime with at least 7-8 hours of solid sleep is one of the most underrated beauty tips there is! Summertime often means more physical activity and less time at home. Make sure you take the time to chill out at the end of each day and do some relaxation exercises before bed to get a solid night’s sleep. Your body will thank you and you’ll look more beautiful for it!
  • Eat well and take your vitamins: Your Mother was right—it’s important to watch what you eat, especially as the days grow longer and the parties never end. If you’re traveling on a road trip, avoid fast food outlets by packing homemade sandwiches, nuts and fruit and bottled water. If that’s not possible, select salads, grilled chicken or other light fare available from most fast food outlets. On the beach, make sure any food you bring along with you is chilled and stored properly (warm weather is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria). Eat light as the weather warms, and don’t forget to take a good quality multi-vitamin as a back-up.
  • Exercise and dress with the weather in mind: Whether it’s running, swimming, sailing, tennis or golf, summertime means more physical activity. Pay attention to the weather reports and if you plan on being outdoors—either on the golf course, the ocean or beach—make sure you dress appropriately. With today’s versatile fashions, it’s always easy to bring along a hat, sunglasses and even an extra dress or shirt, should you need it. If you work in an office all day long where chilly conditions prevail, make sure you bring an extra sweater or jacket to stay in your comfort zone. As the Boy Scouts like to say, “Be prepared!”
  • Condition and protect your hair: We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again—if there’s one important beauty treatment you need to do this summer, it’s to condition your hair! Sun, wind, sand and salt all do damage to delicate tresses, especially if yours are color-treated. A good-quality conditioner, like our Milk Shake Integrity Intensive Treatment, can make all the difference when applied once a week in between your regular shampoo and conditioning routine. And Milk Shake’s Incredible Milk 12 Effect Leave-in Treatment, voted best hair treatment at Hair Magazine’s 2016 Beauty Short List Awards, is perfect for protecting delicate tresses when they’re exposed to the elements.
  • Maintain your fingers and toes: Every summer, when the shoes and socks come off, you’re left with—winter feet! If you haven’t invested in a good quality manicure and pedicure, what are you waiting for? Most nail techs will tell you to maintain your summertime look, opt for a pedicure at least once a month and a manicure at least every other week. In between time, try massaging your cuticles with a good quality cream or oil to keep that thicker, dryer skin subtle and soft.
  • Time for a summertime facial: Winter winds can dry and chafe even the most beautiful complexions. That’s why we recommend starting the summer right with a professional facial. Gentle glycolic acid peels and deep cleaning masks gently exfoliate the top layers of winter skin. Or use any of the Dermalogica masks we sell at Brick & Mirror, such as the Charcoal Rescue Masque. Just remember to protect those new layers beneath with a top-rated SPF-inclusive moisturizer or repair serum, like our Dermalogica Dynamic Skin Recovery Broad Spectrum SPF 50 solution.
  • Don’t forget your lips! Winter can chap and crack even the most beautiful set of lips, and they’re so easy to neglect. You can get them kissing-soft again in no time by treating yours to Dermalogica’s Climate Control Lip Treatment. This therapeutic, soothing lip balm soothes dry and damaged lips in no time and provides a barrier against future chafing and chapping.
  • Cream and protect the rest of you: Don’t forget to use a good quality body lotion after every bath or shower. It’s easy to forget this simple step, but as you spend more time in the sun, applying a daily lotion will extend your tan and protect your skin. We recommend Dermalogica’s Body Hydrating Cream. Available in either 2.5 oz. or 16 oz. sizes, this is the perfect daily moisturizing body lotion. It contains lactic acid to help tone and smooth all skin conditions. Use after cleaning to help hydrate skin and lock in moisture.

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