Bodydense Masque-Creme Conditioner

$ 24.00


If you think your fitness coach is tough, wait until I get a hold of your strands!

I specialize in nourishing, treating, and energizing hair to give it the healthy, gorgeous life it deserves. Every girl should feel confident in her ‘do. That’s why my potent ingredients work to add extra body, lift, strength, dimension, and shine to hair fibers for long-lasting style retention and volume.

I believe that great hair starts with a strong support system, so I am also specially trained in hair and scalp fortification. I help rebuild the intercellular matrix and cohesion of essential hair structures to prevent premature collapsing, weakening, and dehydration for locks that don’t just look healthy, but are healthy!

How do I accomplish all of this? I am naturally “skilled.” My formula contains no harsh sulfates, parabens, formaldehydes, or salt. I help preserve hair color and keep strands at optimal health without weighing them down or encouraging grease or oil. I’m easy to rinse and leave behind no residue for hair that looks and feels fresher longer. Pair me with Snobgirls' Bodydense Prowash Volume Body Lift for best results.

Let’s whip those strands into shape!



Hair: Apply me to wet hair. Cue “Eye of the Tiger.” Leave on 1 minute for an intense session of strength-building. Rinse thoroughly.
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