DoubleDECEPTION Concealer

$ 30.00


  • Our duo holds two separate formulas
  • The emollient, under eye formula (right panel) soothes delicate skin with Green Tea and Vitamin E
  • The face formula (left panel) contains Green Tea and Dermaxyl to stimulate collagen production and visible smooth skin

Eye Formula Green Tea & Vitamin E: Moisture preservative and natural antioxidant against skin aging.
Face Formula Green Tea: Dermaxyl: Natural antioxidant against skin aging. Based on peptide technology, this patent anti-ager smoothes out wrinkles and strengths the skin natural barrier (Ceramide2).

Why We Love it?
Covers imperfections and discoloration flawlessly. Gluten Free.

Use as eye-shadow/lip stick primer. Use to eliminate redness from rosacea.


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