Hydramend Presto Waitless Creme Bio-Serum

$ 28.00
Size: 4.0 oz


Creme Bio - Serum Intensive

For Damaged, Dry, Brittle or Porous Hair

  • Hydramend system deeply nourishes and helps treat, repair, protect and restore moisture balance, elasticity, vitality and suppleness of hair and scalp.
  • Creme Bio Serum Intensive - unites the sustained power of lipid and oil rich bio serum, with the balancing hydro-moisturizing care in one unique formula.
  • Restorative Infusion - helps target re-balance and correct to the ideal ratio of hair. It also helps to balance visibility transform colour-treated hair into a weightless smooth and youthful healthy looking results.
  • 100% free of sulfates, salt, paraben, formaldehydes, glycols, artificial colors, mineral oil, milk proteins, honey, beeswax, silk proteins and more... 



Apply 3-5 pumps (depending on length) to towel-dried or dry hair any time before, during and after styling. Do not rinse. Style. Apply throughout the day any time in needs of conditioning and perfecting.


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