Hydramend Prestocure Bio-Serum Capsules

$ 17.00
Size: 15 Capsules


The people of Ancient Greece believed that a god named Poseidon had power over water greater than that of anything else in the universe.

That’s because they hadn’t met me!

Moisture is a must for smooth, healthy-looking hair. That’s why I retain the moisture in your locks even after you rinse! I am specially trained to deeply nourish and help treat, repair, and protect hair, as well as restore the balance, elasticity, vitality, and suppleness of the hair and scalp.

In fact, when it comes to rescuing damaged hair, there is little I can’t do. My powerful ingredients allow me to hydrate, mend, and condition any distressed or broken areas of hair. Say good-bye to dry, porous, or chemically-damaged strands, and hello to color-preserved, vibrant locks!

I’m like ambrosia, only better.



Twist-open or cut stem of one (1) capsule. Rub bio-serum into palms. Glide on evenly through washed and towel-dried hair and/ or onto clean scalp. Do not rinse. Style. Revel in the awesome power of Snobgirls. 

For sleek look, blow dry straight and follow with flat iron if desired.  Or to define curls, let it dry naturally or with a diffuser. 

Use after each shampooing and conditioning or after technical services. To add shine or extreme static control, using palms, gently apply one (1) droplet onto dry hair.


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