Lumiere High-Cure Prestoboost Shock Treatment

$ 24.00
Size: 8.4 oz


I hate seeing hair suffer. That’s why I’ve dedicated my life to the art of clarifying: I penetrate polluted strands to rid them of toxins, sulfates, chlorine, salt, parabens, harsh chemicals, pollutants, hard water minerals, product build-up, color-dulling residues, and other impurities so that your locks can live to shine another day! I will admit that I’m also a bit over-protective: I have zero tolerance for static, flyaways, breakage, or split-ends. As long as I’m around, you will have nothing to do with these pests!

Pair me with Snobgirls Lumiere-Colour Prestocure Bio-Serum Capsules for best results.



Spray on evenly through washed and towel-dried hair. Comb through, then style. For best results, use with Snobgirls' Bodydense Prestocure Capsules.


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