Curl Passion Designer

$ 25.00
Size: 5.9 oz


What is this product?
Milk Shake Curl Passion Designer is a curly hair styler that will define and separate the curls, leaving hair shiny and silky. Includes active ingredients that will promote your hair's natural curls but will stop the frizz that can make hair look messy and unhealthy. Gives hair a lasting elastic hold that retains a natural shine to give vitality.

More info:
Milk Shake Curl Passion Designer helps strengthen hair with fruit extracts. Healthier hair means frizz free curls. This Curl Passion styler creates a healthy, elastic curl without making the hair heavy. Get beautiful defined curls with Milk Shake Curl Passion Designer.



Apply small amount evenly through hair before styling to promote the generation of curls.



Combination of fruit extracts (grapefruit, apple, peach): a cocktail of vitamins, trace elements and fruit acids, which gives an invigorating and fortifying effect to curly hair, leaving it soft and velvety. Hygroscopic Ingredients: optimize the storage of water in skin and hair, preventing hydration fluctuations. Anti-static, film and fixative agents: give softness and shine, eliminating static electricity.


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