Sensorial Mint Conditioner

$ 19.00


What it is:
This soft, refreshing frequent use conditioner moisturizes, protects and invigorates the hair and leaves it wonderfully vibrant, glossy and hydrated.

What it does:
As a paraben-free solution, it is kind to the hair and nourishes and hydrates the scalp. Feel instantly refreshed on hot summers days after using the milk_shake Sensorial Mint Haircare Range - your hairs new secret weapon.

What else you need to know:
Organic mint extract adds a sensational mint leaf fragrance whilst the formula works on the scalp.



Take the time and treat yourself to a Sensorial massage: 1) Apply to clean damp hair and distribute. 2) Position the hands above the forehead with your fingertips touching. With light sweeping movements massage the contour of the face and hairline, reaching the area behind the ears. 3) Position the hands above the forehead with your fingertips touching, with your palms touching the head. Create circular pressure movements, descending towards the nape of the neck. 4) Position the hands at the top of the head and repeat the circular pressure movements, finishing at the nape of the neck. Finally, position your right palm and left palm at the nape of the neck. Make three light circular movements with your right palm, then your left, then both palms. 5) Rinse and proceed with styling.


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