Volume Solution Shampoo

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What is this product?
Volume Solution Shampoo is an amazing cleansing shampoo that will leave your hair volumised! Using natural ingredients this shampoo nourishes your hair whilst cleansing away the dirt and grime that can make your hair appear limp and lifeless.

More info:
Simply wash with this shampoo to be amazed with the results. Hair is left soft, shiny and full of beautiful volume. Get salon style hair with ease at home with Milkshake Volume Solution Shampoo!



Apply milk_shake Volume Solution Shampoo on wet hair, massage, then rinse. Repeat if necessary.



Polysaccharides; Panthenol (pro-vitamin B5) hydrates, conditions and thickens the hair diameter, thus reducing the formation of split ends; Glycerin, with moisturizing action, helps maintain skin and hair hydration always balanced; Aloe Vera has a calming and soothing action on skin and hair; Conditioning and hydrating agents through the attributes of the Guar gum on hair fiber, conditions the hair and improves its flexibility.


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