Procure Prestocure Bio-Serum Capsules

$ 17.00
Size: 15 Capsules


Great warriors have walked among us for thousands of years: Julius Caesar... Hua Mulan… Black Widow. (Okay, that last one is fictional, but she’s too awesome not to list!)

But never before has a warrior existed that was quite like me.

I am formulated with special ingredients to nourish, neutralize, and protect hair. My potent ingredients give me the ability to prevent dryness as well as eliminate anything that might bring harm to your delicate strands: free radicals, harsh chemicals, UV rays, oxidation, styling stress, or even environmental assaults. You will hardly notice that these threats exist to begin with!

Additionally, my phyto-protective defense barrier allows me to intercept future aging signs for long-lasting youthful vitality, luxurious color radiance, healthy hair dynamics, and fluidity of movement. Best of all: I am naturally “skilled” (no harsh sulfates, parabens, formaldehydes, soap, or salt)!

If you want kick-butt protection for your strands, you will find no better formula. Put them in my care and I will leave you with hair that is silky-soft, sleek, and youthful-looking!



Twist-open or cut stem of one (1) capsule. Rub bio-serum into palms. Glide on evenly through washed and towel-dried hair and/ or onto clean scalp. Do not rinse. Style. Kick back and relax knowing that your hair is in good hands!

Use after each shampooing and conditioning or after technical services. To add shine or extreme static control, using palms, gently apply one (1) droplet onto dry hair.
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