Strongforce Masque-Creme Conditioner

$ 23.00


Keratin Phyto - Brace

For Any Type of Overprocessed, Dry, Weak or Distressed Hair

  • StrongForce system deeply nourishes from the core of the surface, and acts as a support network to help sustain, strengthen, fortify, repair and condition the natural keratin force of hair. 
  • Helps treat, restore and revive any type of over processed, dry, weak or distressed hair into manageable, visibly stronger, shinier, healthy looking results.
  • Helps promote and sustain long lasting resilience, elasticity, colour vibrancy, and stronger style retention.
  • 100% free of sulfates, salt, paraben, formaldehydes, glycols, artificial colors, mineral oil, milk proteins, honey, beeswax, silk proteins and more... 



Apply to wet hair. Leave on 1 minute. Rinse thoroughly. Follow with StrongForce Bio-Serum Capsule and StrongForce Presto Creme.


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