Strongforce Presto Creme Waitless Cure

$ 20.00
Size: 4.0 oz


Nothing saddens me more than watching hair suffer. That’s why I’ve dedicated my life to the practice of healing: my Strong Force Keratin-Phyto Brace allows me to nourish strands down to their very core, as well as support them on their road to recovery. With my potent ingredients, I help sustain, strengthen, fortify, repair, and condition the natural Keratin-Force of hair so that your tresses may live to shine another day!

If you want hair with long-lasting resilience, elasticity, softness, color-vibrancy, and style-retention, you will not find a better product!



Apply 3-5 pumps (depending on length) to towel-dried or dry hair any time before, during and after styling. Do not rinse.


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