Vice-Versa Curls Prestoboost Shock Treatment

$ 23.00
Size: 8.4 oz


If you’re having trouble taming your wavy/curly tendrils, then you’ve come to the right place! I am trained to deeply nourish and protect hair, as well as restore it to optimal lipid-bound moisture and protein-lipid balance. I weightlessly condition and hydra-regulate hair to give it a silky, manageable texture.

Curly hair definitely makes life more interesting, but to keep it from going out of control, it needs a little direction! That’s why I work to help you actively control, shape, and define any type of wavy or curly hair with enhanced natural bounce. I help smooth out the “rough edges” of your hair by improving  texture, suppleness, elasticity, and smoothness for long-lasting, healthy-looking results.

If you want to restore healthy-hair dynamics and the fluidity of your hair’s creative movement, you will not find a better formula! 



Spray on evenly through washed and towel-dried hair. Comb through, then style. For best results, use with Snobgirls' Vice-Versa Prestocure Capsules.


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