V-V Curls Prowash-Creme Micellar Cleansing Re-Conditioner

$ 24.00


Micellar TruColour Fast

For Any Type of Curly, Dry, Wavy or Frizzy, Coloured - Treated Hair

  • V-V Curls system deeply nourishes, protects, and helps restore optimal lipid-bound moisture and vital proteino- lipidic equilibrium of any type of wavy or curly hair.
  • Weightlessly conditions and hydra-regulates to a a silky, manageable texture.
  • Helps actively control, shape and define with enhanced natural bounce.
  • Helps improve texture, suppleness, elasticity and smoothness of hair for long-lasting vivid healthy looking results.
  • Helps restore healthy hair dynamics and fluidity of creative movement.
  • 100% free of sulfates, salt, paraben, formaldehydes, glycols, artificial colors, mineral oil, milk proteins, honey, beeswax, silk proteins and more... 



Apply 3-8 pumps (depending on hair length and thickness) to wet hair covering the entire length of hair, from roots to ends. Distribute evenly and add a splash of water if needed. Massage in then leave for 1-3 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. For optimal results, use V-V Curls Bio Serum Capsule or pair it with V-V Curls Leave-In Treatment.


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